And now, for the grand finale, here are my absolute favorite shots of London that I took on the trip. They actually ended up being pretty representative of all the different places we went!

It’s been almost three months (!!!) since the trip, and part of the reason I’ve taken so long posting them is because it’s like saying goodbye again. Each photo encapsulates one of the infinite wonderful moments we had. I truly believe I grew as not only a photographer but a human being over those ten days.

So herein ends my photo adventures of my trip to London — I hope it is the first of many. Until next time, London!


Notre Dame de Paris

The lovely Notre Dame de Paris, or Notre Dame Cathedral. There was something just truly awesome about this structure. The place brought me to tears; there was something truly amazing about being there.

Le Pont de l’Archevêché

And now Paris! We spent our second-to-last day of the trip in the City of Lights. Here is le Pont de l’Archvêché, as seen in Now You See Me. The sheer volume and diversity of the love locks were amazing! They shone brilliantly in the mid-afternoon sun. I took way too many photos and was fascinated by the colors and swirls made by the interlocked metal.