“Cover”ing a Year

Sorry for the lack of activity, but as an update, I wanted to document some of my favorite covers I have shot and designed/helped design over the past school year for The Towerlight. Doing cover is a stressful and at times lengthy process, but I love photos, I love typography, and I love Photoshop, so designing cover gives me a chance to use my creativity like no other job does. I’ve learned so much from each cover, and getting to work with other creative-minded people to create something is always rewarding.

It’s especially cool to see a photo I’ve taken as simple as a file photo, as was the case for “Eyes on West,” or from a photo shoot, like “Mr 1,000,” or just a luckily timed shot, as was the case for “We Are One,” become cover image. Afterwards, finding the perfect marriage of type and photo is challenging at times, but it is most certainly fun.

Below, you can find links to the articles to which these covers correspond.

We Are One

Shakespeare’s New Groove

Hail to the Tigers

Intersecting Identities

Mr. 1,000

Eyes on West

Reading into History

Between Realms


Curse of the Starving Class

When I heard there was an opportunity to shoot one of the plays at Towson, I jumped on the opportunity. In high school, I became a Thespian, so while I’m not on the stage anymore, I love being able to photograph those who are in the spotlight.

The play was on the depressing side, to say the least, presenting a the middle-class Americans struggling to get by. The show even featured a lamb who [SPOILER ALERT] ends up getting cooked at the end of the show. (No lambs were actually harmed in this production, of course.) The lighting and set were gorgeous and really cool to shoot.

This event was originally shot March 4th, 2013 and the Towerlight article about it can be found here.